If I could reach to heaven
and tie a star around head,
I’d aim to illuminate dreams
and put those doubts and fears to bed.
If I could gather sunshine
and stuff it deep inside your heart,
I’d make for certain, darling,
that you’d never come apart.
If I could encapsulate stardust
and blow it from my hand,
I’d aim directly at you
to help you understand.
You are already the entire universe
all tucked up tight in skin.
No need for 8 minute sunlight to hit
and let the wishing game begin.
You are a cosmic supernova
and will be even after you die.
For you, my darling, are light years
already fallen from the sky.
The moment you can understand:
no need for wishing on shooting stars–
that’s the moment you go out and get ’em;
because, my darling, you already are.