Songs about Factories

Some days I love traveling
the memories of my mind,
revisiting the ruins of the lost ones–
never knowing the emotions I may find;
tracing through people I’ve loved
and the people that I’ve feared–
the ones I’ve left behind,
and the ones who’ve disappeared.
Martha Wainwright, playing in the background–
the soundtrack to curtains flapping in the breeze
as the suds are filling the kitchen sink
and the wind is sawing through the blackjack trees.
Sometimes, I have flashbacks to summer days,
and I’m not sure if they’re figments of my mind.
Isn’t it funny how reality and imagination blur together
when you’re just not the linear kind?
You’re the one who showed me “Factory.”
I’m the one who put it on repeat for a day
and contemplated the life I’ve lived.
Despite the pain, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So cheers to you and those figments
and the reality too.
I’m headed back down neurological trails again.
I have some fabricating to do.

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