Stable-State Eulogy

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve felt this way –

all torn about in your head

with the dizzying and spinning tin-can effect

or a helmet of black hole instead.

How to maneuver the ongoing chaos

when you’re simply just not bright-eyed?

You could sit down and morn your stable state,

but there’s really no tears or sound to be cried.

You could dip your hands in some M. vaccae

and hope to god for a Prozac-type feel.

You’d probably need to dive into a heaping mound.

Or eat it; let’s be real.

Your dr.’s office won’t deal with your prescription;

you’re still waiting after 3 business days.

When you fall off the deep end due to no stabilization,

you’ll be a statistic during your unmedicated phase.

“You’re just not managing your treatment,” they’ll say.

Now come pay some money for more Noology.

In the meantime, Imma sit right over hear and morn,

giving your stable-state eulogy.

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