Blood should be thicker than water.

and overrule destructive ideologies.

It takes both to survive in this world

to help fight against biological disease.

Some humans possess an infection

that transfusions cannot cure.

It comes from place of unfortunate perception

with a hate that seems to forever endure.

I’ve met many universal donors;

melanin doesn’t determine the blood.

Manhattan might be O positive,

but so is the East Harlem neighborhood.

One might seem like a shiny haven—

both can claim cultural nuance.

 Let’s give props where props are due.

Only one can claim a renaissance.

I’ve walked the streets of human hatred

and seen injuries with my own eyes.

Constructs that have built a division

to the very architects’ demise.

Would you discriminate against your life being saved

when you’re bleeding out on a cold, metal table?

That vial doesn’t have a race or ethnicity.

There’s no demographic-distinguishing label.

It’s just you in need of living

and a human who was willing and able.

The moment that we realize,

we’re all lifeforce wrapped in skin;

we can let go of social constructs

and let healing humanity begin.

We are all interconnected,

 and blood is the master weaver.

Acceptance is the only way forward, and

I will always aim to be a universal receiver.

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